• Armoured Personnel Carrier Benin - Panthera T6
  • Armoured Personnel Carrier Benin - Panthera F9
  • Armoured TLC Benin
  • Armoured SUV Benin - Toyota Fortuner
  • Armoured Light Patrol Vehicles Benin - LPV-T MKII
  • Armoured Ambulance Benin
  • Armoured CIT Vehicle - Hyundai H1
  • Armoured Personnel Carrier Benin
  • Armoured Personnel Carrier Benin
  • Armoured Personnel Carrier Benin
  • Armoured Personnel Carrier Benin
  • Armoured Personnel Carrier Benin
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Security Vehicle Benin

Minerva Special Purpose Vehicles (MSPV) develops and builds state-of-the-art tailor-made vehicles for civilian and military applications.

The products range covers Armoured sedans and SUVs, buses and vans as well as military light trucks and Armoured personnel carriers or specialist vehicles for specific applications.

MSPV offers safe vehicles for the transport of persons and valuables in all circumstances.


MSPV offers its customers a unique combination of capabilities with an expanding network of production facilities and an automotive engineering team with years of experience in the conception and design of armouring solutions for protected passenger cars and personnel carriers.

Dedicated prototyping facilities and a core management and design team having gathered invaluable know-how working for some of the most prestigious and best established coach-building and armouring companies ensure that MSPV can meet a customer’s requirements with the shortest lead-time.

Customer satisfaction is a priority and MSPV has a strict quality assurance system and is certified ISO 9001:2008


MSPV produces Armoured vehicles in accordance with internationally recognised standards such as:

  • European CEN1063 and 1522/23
  • VPAM APR2006 BRV2009
  • NATO AEP-55 STANAG 4569
  • Russian Federation GOST R 50963-96


Light Armoured Vehicle Benin


MSPV’s civilian product range includes Armoured SUVs and sedans, vans, buses, trucks and specialised vehicles.

Sports Utility Vehicles, sedans and buses are available for VIP protection as well as security and convoy operations and police duty. All other applications where safety mobility and discretion are required are also covered by our vast range of products.

See the CIT section for valuables transport and the SPECIAL products section for specialised vehicles.


The military range includes Armoured personnel carriers, troopers, mobile command-and-control, fast reaction patrol, special forces commando vehicles and more as well as homeland protection vehicles for applications such as border control, riot control, EOD, monitoring etc.

See also our Armoured ambulances.


MSPV will design and build solutions for specific applications at customers’ request.
Heavy construction machinery (articulated haulers, front-loaders, tracked bulldozers Armoured by Minerva Special Purpose Vehicles to offer protection in high risk areas or for demining purposes are but a few example illustrating the flexibility and capabilities of our design team.

Also available from MSPV are custom-built passenger buses, such as the Toyota Coaster or the Ashok Leyland Falcon, Armoured ambulances, protected cabins for security guards and check-points etc.


MSPV provides tailor-made solutions for cash-in-transit and valuables transport vehicles and mobile ATM applications. Ranging from inconspicuous high-mobility SUVs (Armoured or non-Armoured) equipped with steel safes for secure operation in total discretion to full-size bullion trucks for the movement of gold and other heavy payload, with also the industry-standard protected vans fully equipped with the latest safety and monitoring systems and rugged solutions based on proven off-road chassis for operation in harsher conditions.


MSPV offers a range of Armoured civilian and military ambulances, with various levels of equipment according to specific requirements. Civilian ambulances can be based on modified commercial vans and light trucks as well as off-road SUVs such as the Land Cruiser and Land Cruiser Hard-Top. Military ambulances are based on our range of Armoured personnel carriers.

Armoured Civilan Vehicle Benin Armoured Miliatry Vehicle Benin Armoured Special Vehicle Benin Armoured CIT Vehicle Benin Armoured Ambualce Vehicle Benin